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Wait ... WHAT?! Did Fauci MEAN to Give Away Biden's 'Quid Pro Quo' With Pfizer CEO Because WOW

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I'm willing to bet Fauci didn't mean to give away Team Biden's quid pro quo with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, but you know, the angry little COVID gnome is far more interested in saving his own backside than he is protecting Biden's. Funny how they seem to miss if they were just honest and not sneaky, corrupt, underhanded douche-nozzles none of these hearings or conversations would even have to be held. But oh no, they were more concerned about power, control, and beating Trump in 2020 than they were American citizens, and clearly more concerned about pushing a false narrative about a virus they wanted and did use as a political weapon.

Fine, accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat, I really don't care at this point.

Especially when I see threads like this one about how Bourla reached out to Fauci AFTER Biden had won to tell him about the game-changing results. If those same 'game-changing results' had come out any earlier they would have helped Trump.

Funny, eh?

His post continues:

It's suspected Pfizer cut a quid pro quo w/ Team Biden to delay results. This basically confirms it.


In other words, a quid pro quo.

Would this be Biden's second? Third? We've lost count now. When does get get impeached again, GOP?

Oh yeah, never.

Unfortunately, the more we learn about what really happened the more obvious it becomes that this was about 'fortifying' the election. And if they could cover Fauci's backside for the Wuhan lab while doing so, all the better.

Of course, if we said these things out loud when we suspected they were really happening (at the time) Big Tech would shut us down, censor us, and even try to fully silence us. Now that we know it's more than a conspiracy theory they're still throttling the truth.

Almost as if it's another election year.




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