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Same Liars Who Claimed Hunter's Laptop Was Russian Disinformation to Protect Biden Are LYING to You AGAIN


The same people telling you videos of Biden looking lost, confused, even senile and angry are fake are the same people who claimed Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation ... they're also the same people who pushed the Trump pee tape, claimed the border is secure, and insisted six-feet distancing, masking, and the COVID vaccine would stop transmission. At this point, I've honestly lost track of all the lies our pals in the mainstream media and on the Left have told us to try and keep us from believing our lying eyes because reality was and is all too inconvenient to them. 

What's really irritating now though is they think they can blame Right-wing media for editing and manipulating footage of Biden to make him look senile. Even when we can see it happening in real-time every time Biden speaks or makes an appearance. Ironically, the media and Biden's handlers have done a lot of editing of their own to make Biden look somewhat coherent.

While accusing the rest of us of trying to make him look bad.

Nicolle Wallace saying this with a straight face ... give me a break.

Growing and insidious. 

Yeah, that's us. 


Biden is actually totally sharp and all there.

What is she SMOKING? Or better yet, what does she think her audience of 12 is smoking to believe such drivol?

Orwell was supposed to be fiction, not a 'how-to' book, Democrats.

Prove us wrong! Heck, if he's so fit he should have no issue doing even a live 15-minute interview.

It would be hilarious if it weren't so damn infuriating.


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