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DELISH! Elon Musk's Dig at Delaware Takes the Master Troll Cake (Literally)

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, Pool

Tesla announced on Thursday that they would be moving its incorporation from Delaware to Texas. *WOMP WOMP WOMP*

Oh, and they also voted to reinstate Elon Musk's compensation package valued at $56 BILLION dollars.

Billion with a B.

Pretty sure it's safe to say this was a big win for Musk. YUGE.

And his post on Twitter for Delaware is simply the icing on top ... of the cake.

Quite literally.

Case in point:

As a parting gift. 

Perfect. The man is a giver. 

Now if he'd just give us all our likes back. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, boo hoo, it's a whiny thing to whine about but I am a creature of habit and absolutely miss seeing likes on posts. Not to mention in the past we've been able to write entire stories about some stupid person liking a really stupid post.

C'MON MAN. I'm still having a hard time not calling the site Twitter and to be honest, I probably always will. Call it the Twitchy bias ... otherwise what do we call Twitchy? This always leads to a weird discussion about X with suggestions for new names that sound like adult movies SO I'm not going there.

This time.

More and more companies are figuring it out.

Freedom is better for people and companies, and states like Florida, Texas, and even Wyoming have figured it out.

I personally hope it's DEVIL'S FOOD ... that would truly be delicious.

But honestly, knowing Elon gets to eat his cake and have it too is the best part of all.


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