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The Sexist Left Really Wants Alito to Rein His 'Hysterical Wife' In (Because OF COURSE They Do)

Fuzzy Chimp

How many times have we all heard the Left insist that woman only vote for Republicans because their husbands make them? I've honestly lost count over the years between that and the annoying sacks-of-stupid insisting I'm a traitor to my sex because I'm Conservative so when I saw people of the Leftist persuasion complaining because Alito doesn't 'rein his wife in' ... it gave me pause. Sorry, his HYSTERICAL wife.

Because you know, being a Conservative not only makes a woman a traitor BUT also hysterical. 

Add to all of this nonsense how eager they all are to erase women to appease mentally ill men who like to wear dresses and makeup and the Democrats have absolutely lost their claim as the party of women. Can you imagine if someone on the Right had said this about a Leftist woman and her husband? Buildings on fire. Targets looted.

Look at this from Michael Tracey:

Rein her in.


See, I wasn't even being dramatic.

Sexists always laugh at their own sexist ideas.

Yeah, good luck to any man out there telling his hysterical wife that he has to 'rein her in'.

Democrats have never really changed their stripes, they just pretend their sexism is for the good of the people or something. It's good to belittle women they disagree with politically, duh.

Good luck with that, men.

Crazy, yeah?


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