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Democrat Lumping '21-Year-Old Children' Into Gun-Grabbing STATS Proves How Damn DISHONEST They Really Are


It's rare for me to be surprised by any Democrat when it comes to them pushing their gun-grabbing policies pretending that it's super easy to just walk down the street and get a massive machine gun with your groceries. But when they had to start including 'children' up to the age of 21 so they could claim 'children' are the ones being gunned down by magical evil guns that somehow manage to fire themselves, THAT surprises me.

Once someone turns 18 they're no longer a child.

They can literally serve the country and VOTE at that point.

Not a child.

But if they can't include 21-year-old children then they can't include the gang-bangers and so their big dramatic STATS fall apart.

See for yourself:

She said young adult here. 

There's more though.


Under 21? TWENTY-ONE?!

Ummm ... no.

Young people.


Too bad she thinks 'those responsible' are the firearms involved.

It's what they always do.

Seriously, it's just embarrassing and desperate at this point.


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