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Jill Biden's Speech Pandering to the Teacher's Union Just Solidified My Vote FOR Trump


Ok ok ok ... before you start giving me a hard time for saying I've only just now decided to vote for Trump let me explain my headline just a bit. Look, I have been convinced I am voting against Biden no matter WHO took the nod from the get-go, and since that is officially Trump he has had my vote. That being said, it's nice to finally decide I am voting FOR TRUMP and not just against Biden. Don't get me wrong, when Trump was president I was on more than one occasion pleasantly surprised with his actions and policies, but full disclosure, I was ready for someone else to run this time around. But once Trump took the nod I was onboard, if for no other reason than to get rid of Biden

Seeing this from Jill Biden though? I am officially FOR Trump. All the way.

No, I'm not getting on any trains and I don't consider myself a citizen of any 'donia,' but it's time to get Trump re-elected. Especially after seeing this:

From the New York Post:

First lady Jill Biden claimed Saturday the future of public education in America will remain bright if her husband Joe Biden is re-elected president — while Donald Trump would only bring “chaos and division.”

“I always believed that Joe would be the best education president,” Biden, 72, told a crowd of 1,200 at the United Federation of Teachers’ yearly spring conference in Manhattan.

Trump, on the other hand, “wakes up every morning caring about one person — and one person only — himself,” the Ph.D. educator added, drawing boos from the lefty crowd at the mere mention of the ex-president and presumptive Republican frontrunner.

“Donald Trump doesn’t want to strengthen our public education system — he wants to destroy it,” she continued in a barely camouflaged campaign screed.

“If Donald Trump is re-elected, we get chaos and division,” she claimed.

Hey, if the teacher's unions hate Trump, he's definitely got my vote and support. Maybe Jill and the rest of these hyenas missed it, but what the unions did to our kids during the government forced lockdowns will never be forgiven or forgotten.

There's a reason school choice is passing all around the country.

And I thought Joe couldn't figure out how to read the room.


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