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If Biden's White House Will BLATANTLY Lie About This, They'll Lie About ANYTHING

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I have honestly lost count of the number of times I have said the Biden administration does not want us to believe our lying eyes. Look, I'm not naive, I know politicians lie, I know presidents lie, but most of the time when other presidents have lied they at least tried to make it less obvious. Especially when it's something so easily debunked and fact-checked because people experience it and even see it, every single day.

I'm not talking about foreign policy or a bill that addresses some specific piece of the budget, things they can pretend are too hard for us to understand so they have to pass it so we can see what's in it. 


No, I'm talking about GROCERIES. Every single American can see the cost of groceries has not come down. A simple trip to the store for milk, bread, and butter is enough to debunk this obnoxious blatant lie.

This is like saying the price of food is going up more slowly.

And they think that's a win.

I suppose when all they really have is a bunch of losses to run on, they have to find a way to spin one as a win but you'd think they'd choose something less obvious than this. 

The same gallon of milk I bought four years ago for $2.50 is now $3.19.

The same loaf of white bread I bought four years ago for $1.99 is now $3.99.

The same pound of ground beef I bought four years about for $3.99 is now $6.99.

You don't need to be an expert, you don't need to do some deep-dive research to know they're lying about the cost of groceries. 

Still over TWICE what it was under Trump.

Not even a little bit.

See what I mean? All of us can see how much more we're paying for food. 

This is not rocket science.

No, no they don't. And they hope the rest of don't either.

Unfortunately for them, some of us do.

And all of us know they're full of crap.



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