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Lefties SQUEEING Over Michelle Obama Shopping at Target Without Being Recognized is SO Telling (Watch)

Democratic National Convention via AP

The Left is very excited that Michelle Obama took time from her busy schedule being super wealthy and elite to shop with the little people at Target. Better yet, she was able to shop without being recognized because she's just like the rest of us, minus the whole Secret Service detail and exorbitant wealth. When I watched this video I actually laughed because she's trying so hard not to show us how normal she is while reminding everyone she's got a book for sale. 

Because ultimately that's what this was all about. Selling her book.

Our pals who vote blue are such easy marks. Then again, if they weren't they wouldn't vote for Democrats in the first place so there's that.

Watch this.

Notice how many books have NOT SOLD. 

But awwww, she signed them for the three or so people who buy it once it goes on sale.

What a giver.

The guy who posted this is the one who has a bizarre fixation on Barron Trump - he was very excited to post about Barron turning 18, for example.

Yeah, yikes.


Keep in mind, this comes from the same party that planned Joe Biden's visit to a Wawa DOWN TO THE TIP they gave the cashier. 

*cough cough*

Not even a little bit BUT it's fun to point and laugh.


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