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As an informed, brilliant, and dare I say AMAZING Twitchy reader, you know we have spent many years mocking the media for making any story that could hurt the Left/Democrats about how Republicans have SEIZED or POUNCED on it. 

  • Biden disses Christians and Easter with the whole trans day of visibility thing? Headline: Republicans Seize on Biden's Efforts to Recognize Trans Americans
  • Grocery prices continue rising? Headline: Republicans POUNCE on Biden's Recovery Efforts for Everyday Americans
  • Innocent Americans are raped and/or killed by illegal immigrants? Headline: Republicans Have Found the Migrant Crime They Were Seeking to Scare 'Security Moms'

Oh, I didn't make that one up, this a-hold did:

Notice how his lame column isn't about the illegal who committed the crimes, it's about how Republicans are going to use this to scare suburban women because you know, we suburban women are too dumb to think for ourselves and recognize real danger on our own. I wish I were making this up.

From Detroit News:

Despite that missing context, some Republicans and political strategists are already planning to hang the circumstances of Garcia's death on Biden, fellow Democrats in Congress, and existing border policy and security procedures amid a surge in illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office in January 2021.

The alleged gruesome details of Garcia's death — Ortiz-Vite is accused of shooting her in a car and dumping her body on the side of a freeway near downtown Grand Rapids — will almost assuredly be rolled up into TV, print and digital ads and marketed to voters in Grand Rapids suburbs such as Kentwood and Grandville and Detroit suburbs like just about every community in Macomb County.

See what I mean? He's not upset about what Ortiz-Vite did to that innocent woman. No no, he's upset because Republicans acknowledge this is happening. After all, Biden doesn't give a damn about how many American lives are lost as long as he can continue importing voters across the leaking border.

Ooh, ooh, I know.

And it's going to cause them to lose the suburban woman vote ... again.


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