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Biden UBER-FAN Chris Jackson Openly Shaming 'Never Biden' Lefties Tells Me There's HOPE for Us Yet

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

On the Right, we're all too familiar with the Never Trump movement, which helped chodes like Rick Wilson ultimately make a name for themselves. Plenty of Republicans who were never successful in the realm of Republican politics found success pandering to those who hate them and everything they supposedly stand for in the name of MUH DEMOCRACY. Trump became this huge threat that was to them worse than a Democrat. 

Yeah, they're stupid but I am making a point. Stick with me.

It seems there is also a Never Biden movement out there on the Left ... and it's interesting seeing people like Biden's UBER-fan, Chris Jackson, trying desperately to shame these 'Never Biden' people into voting for Biden if Trump is the GOP nominee.

This honestly gives me some hope, maybe people aren't as stupid as I think they are.


So, I did respond to this post and admitted that while I am not necessarily on the Trump train (and any of you who know me know this is true) I would crawl across broken shards of glass and then swim through lemon juice in order to vote for him over Biden.

Or any Democrat, really.

This has freaked out the Biden supporters in a huge way. Hey, I get it, they have been telling themselves they can win if they have to run against Trump (like in 2020 when they 'fortified the election') but now that they've seen how crappy Biden really is, they're not so sure. And the fact there are Never Biden peeps on the Left?


It might feel frustrating for those on the Right, but it's downright BAD for the Left. Unless Democrats figure out a way to remove Biden, they are going to be running with him. And he sucks.

Even the Left knows this.

This. All day this. I'm not having lunch with Trump, we're not hanging out, we don't have to be friends. I'm voting for him to lead the free world, so honestly if it comes down to arrogance or incompetence I'll take arrogance all day every day.

And it sounds like some Democrats will as well. 


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