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It's not that Jamaal Bowman pulled the fire alarm that's the problem ... it's Republicans POUNCING


Unless you live under a rock somewhere (and if you do, not judging) then you know all about Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm right before an important vote in the House over the weekend. You also likely know that Bowman's excuse for pulling the fire alarm was that he got confused about how to open the door and thought, 'Hey, that lever says F-I-R-E on it and that totally means I should pull that to make the door open.'

That's really their defense.

Guys, it's never a good thing when the better excuse these people have to push is they were just too stupid to know any better.

And this yahoo writes and votes for legislation that could impact ALL OF US.

Politics just gets dumber and dumber.

I know, it's The New Republic but still. THEY ALWAYS DO THIS. A Democrat screws up, the Right/Republicans acknowledge the screw-up, and then the freakin' story becomes the big mean Republicans POUNCING. SEIZING. STRIKING.

Even though Bowman is the actual story. Guess they want to deflect from how stupid or corrupt this guy really is. 

From The New Republic:

But despite Republicans’ best efforts to push this new attack, the two cases are extremely different.

For one, Bowman has apologized and insisted that he accidentally pulled the alarm when a door that normally opened was suddenly locked.

“I am embarrassed to admit that I activated the fire alarm, mistakenly thinking it would open the door. I regret this and sincerely apologize for any confusion this caused,” Bowman said.

But more importantly, a fire alarm is nowhere near the same as an armed insurrection.

See, it's ok you guys - he's just stupid. And those meanies in the Republican Party are still the bad guys even though this tool was likely trying to interrupt the function of government which would be ... wait for it ... an insurrection.

It's so old. Seriously.

Shame shame shame.

But that won't this lawn flamingo from writing something else like this in the future. They don't care if we all know they're biased hacks spewing whatever floats their boat and serves their agenda. And clearly, blaming Republicans for calling Bowman out instead of admitting Bowman is either really really really really really really stupid OR corrupt (maybe even and) is a far better talking point.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.


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