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That's IT! I've decided who I'm supporting in the Republican Primary ... I know, it's about damn time

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File

For months now, I have been sort of sitting on the fence when it comes to who I want to support during the Republican presidential primary. Now, in my own defense, I really and truly wanted to let some things play out before making a decision ... I'm difficult that way. I have this really bad habit of not wanting to be told who I have to support when it comes to politics. My bad.

In my world, there are no guarantees, and while I don't change my ideas or beliefs as much or as often as Vivek Ramaswamy (he's not my pick, you're shocked, right?), my opinions of politicians and elected officials can change over time. As many of you know, I really and truly DID NOT like Trump in 2015. Not a fan in the least. But, when he won I decided to do the best I could with what we had and ended up being pleasantly surprised with Trump. Oh, sure, he did things I didn't always agree with and there were times I'd think to myself, 'Donald, you are your own worst enemy,' BUT overall, he was a good president.

Until the last year HOWEVER, I'm not sure it's fair to slam him over what the entire federal government put together in order to get rid of him. The more we learn about the lab leak, the more they brag about how they 'fortified' the 2020 election, the more obvious it becomes that some f**kery was going on. And the one thing people forget about Trump is how much he really does care about people. DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES, DeSantis supporter, I see you. It's true. They knew they could scare him into listening, they knew he would do whatever it took to save people, whether it was truly about saving them OR making himself look like the good guy.

He cared.

And that's a rare thing in a politician and sadly, in a president.

Now, am I in the Trump camp? Not yet. But I'm not ready to write him off either ... I just can't. I saw so much that I ended up admiring about him, which was bizarre considering how much I hated him before.

That being said, I'm not really in DeSantis' camp either. Is he a great governor? Yes. He's done amazing things for the state of Florida and I really dislike how hard some members in the Trump camp have worked to vilify him. The real villain is whoever is pulling the strings for the baked potato in the Oval Office ... not DeSantis. Relax Trump supporter reading this, I also don't like how naggy and scoldy some DeSantis supporters are either. I think Ron would be a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party BUT I'm not sure that can happen until things are actually resolved with what happened to Trump. 

Ultimately, I would love to see a Trump/DeSantis OR DeSantis/Trump ticket because I don't think the Democrats would know what hit them. The Lion and the Bulldog working together to bring America back from the cesspool President Piddle Pants has made of it would truly be a sight to behold and deep down I think a lot of us realize it will probably work out this way. Unless we destroy each other during the primary which I'm hoping will not be the case.

I know, I'm rambling a bit but this has been very hard, especially when I see so much good in almost all of our candidates. Asa Hutchinson? Pence? Christie? Not so much. And I know, I've been hard on Ramaswamy, I just want him to calm down and actually be who he is.

ALL of that being said, long story short, etcetera ... my pick for the Republican primary is ... my corgi, Casper. I KNOW I KNOW, throw things at me, that's ok - but I really wanted to talk to you guys about all of this because believe it or not, I truly respect and admire many of you (not that one guy, you know who you are), and I'm looking for feedback on who YOU support. Not a bunch of screaming and yelling and calling me names (although if you want to since I didn't really have a pick yet, that's cool), a real discussion with the people who keep our site going, who all but keep me employed.

Who are you supporting? Why? Am I missing something? Leave me some comments below, or shoot me a tweet on Twitter (I simply can't call it X, that just feels wrong) - I'm ready to listen. 


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