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KJP's comments on Biden's actions now that Jill Biden has COVID set my 'OH HELL NO' detectors off

Repeat after me.

Hell. No.

Not happening.

Not now. Not ever again. Joseph can feel free to cover up his little Botox'd face all he wants since his wife contracted COVID (and likely spread it all over Florida during her husband's photo-op), but I will not be buying into any of this panic, hysteria, or public health official nonsense ever again.

Thank GOD I live in Virginia and we elected Glenn Youngkin.

Watch this:

What CDC guidelines?

I decided to go look because you guys, I am seriously not doing this again. So I took a look and really, the only guidelines I'm seeing are for old people ... like Joe. It would have been beneficial for Karine to include this little tidbit, but I suppose it was far scarier and more effective to make a blanket statement about GUIDELINES.

Raise your hand if you're as sick of the word GUIDELINES as I am.

Holy cow.

There's an election coming up, you know. They can't have us running around voting like we used to.

The science is whatever is convenient to them at that moment. Politically, professionally, and financially. Big money to be made when they push COVID, just ask Fauci how much he made while he took jobs and school away from millions of people.

Now, THAT I can get behind.


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