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Dear Mainstream Media: Biden is a LIAR. He doesn't stutter, he's not telling stories ... HE LIES


Biden is a liar.

He always has been.

I'm not naive, I know politicians as a rule are liars but Biden ... he's special. And while the media try to spin away his lies as fun stories or stutters or his somehow embellishing things for entertainment purposes, we all know better. For Pete's sake, the guy was accused of plagiarism in law school, where he did NOT finish at the top of his class.

Another lie. Of course.

Pretty sure Corn Pop happened years before the whole plagiarism thing but who knows? Maybe it was actually Corn Pop he plagiarized from? YEAH, THAT'S THE TICKET.

What inspired this mini-tantrum from me this morning you ask? Besides a lack of coffee and sleep, this absolute nonsense from Glenn Kessler 'breaking down' the embellished stories Biden has told over the years.

Personal tales they called them.

Look at this:

No, Peter, he's a liar.


Embellished stores - lies.

Personal tales - lies.

Biden has lied so much he doesn't know when he's telling the truth anymore, and instead of correcting him and holding him accountable, Kessler and other people in the mainstream media protect him, coddle him, and enable him because they care more about having a Democrat in the White House than they do the truth. Even if the lies are hurting millions of Americans.

And yes, if they actually cared about the truth they would absolutely verify these tales. They just know it's all lies. You can bet your a*s they wouldn't call these 'tales' or embellished stories if it was Trump, DeSantis, or any Republican getting busted lying over and over again.

Pathetic, ain't it?

And he always will be.



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