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Atheist DROPS anti-woman, trans-author blaming 'Christians' for pushback on HIS book and I LOVE IT


If you have spent any time following the trans-movement and people pushing back AGAINST it then you're familiar with Kellie-Jay Keen. She's a self-proclaimed pro-choice, pro-marriage-equality, atheist who has been on the front lines of this 'battle' proving that women of all political backgrounds and ideas stand firmly against a bunch of men trying to take over our experiences, sports, and spaces.

She crossed my timeline this morning because an anti-woman trans author named Shaneel Lal accused Christians of putting stickers on his book that define what a woman really is. 

Except Christians are not responsible for the sticker ... Keen is.

And she called him out:

Men like Lal pretend it's only those big mean Christians who have a problem with them trying to take over the world of women so they don't have to accept what they're pushing is very unpopular even with people who may agree with them on other issues. It's those hateful TERFS who are the problem, not a bunch of men who look like really ugly women claiming they're oppressed because nobody believes they're women.

It's honestly pathetic and infuriating, all in one. Especially for women like Keen who are most definitely pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage.

In case you want some of your own stickers.

Ding ding ding.

Yup. The trans movement has found a way to unite women who typically disagree on so much.

Which says a lot about the movement and none of its any good.

But you guys knew that.


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