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Spammity SPAM! Large number of Twitter accounts suspended/locked/ limited (here we go again?); Updated

Sam J/Meme




Ok, so I have to give Elon Musk this much, with Twitter 1.0, anytime there was a large group of accounts that got locked, suspended, couldn't tweet, had technical issues, etc. it was typically only conservatives having those issues. And with what we know now thanks to the Twitter Files, those incidents may not have been accidental. But all of that being said, I'm seeing multiple accounts on all political sides complaining about receiving three-day timeouts, not locks, but they can't retweet or fav tweets or follow people.

For spamming.

At first, I figured it was another conservative thing and some hold-over from the Dorsey days was striking again.

But nope, it seems across the board ... so what gives?

Look at me, doing my due diligence and stuff.

The answers were fascinating, to say the least.


So, this could very well be some glitch, yes?


It does seem a bit strange. I know, we're always telling you guys this is why we push for VIP but ... it is. This is exactly why we push for readers to sign up for VIP - just look at how easy it is for a glitch (or some woke a-hole moderator) to control the message. To control what actually reaches people.

It's scary.

And yeah, if you haven't signed up yet, you should. Dagnabbit.


To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me. I think I've been suspended around 13 times. Locked ... I have no idea how many times. Then again, I haven't logged in via mobile for a bit so maybe it's just happening at that point?

I don't know. I'm just talking out of my backside, as usual.



Some libs too.

So what gives?


A quick peruse of Elon Musk's timeline doesn't show any sort of acknowledgment of the issue or answer ... 

I am, of course, hoping it's a glitch and nothing more.

And that it will be resolved sooner than later.

But until then, we can at least make spam jokes, right?

Sing along ... 

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