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'CRINGE': Nikki Fried asks to field questions from media at the end of her presser and what happens next is PAINFUL (but hilarious) *watch*

And we thought Nikki Fried’s creepy mannequin campaign ad was bad.

To be fair, we’re not sure why she thought a virtual press event in FLORIDA was a good idea (clearly, she’s out of touch with most Floridians and this more than proves it) BUT here we are.


Watch this and try not to laugh too hard.

The music during the video is just *chef’s kiss*.

‘We’ll give it just a minute …’

‘Seeing no questions, do you want to go ahead and wrap it up?’


Oh, our sides.

Those creepy, faceless mannequins from her bizarre campaign ad would have at least been SOMEONE, right?






Same vibe.

Pathetically HILARIOUS.


Psh, weeks.

And that just about sums her entire campaign up.

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