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Sit DOWN! Terry McAuliffe served a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice after TRYING to pick a fight with GOVERNOR Youngkin over Roe

Terrible Terry is still terrible. Hey, at least the jacka*s isn’t dancing this time.

I’ve gotta tell you guys, VIP articles are often my very favorite because it’s the only time I really get to write in the first person for Twitchy. See, if you haven’t signed up for VIP already you really should because this is the one place you might actually get to hear from the editors themselves.

And I’ve already gotten totally off-topic which is also something I tend to do when I’m writing for myself.

Anyway …

So, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter, I live in Virginia and I’d like to think I played a rather large part in making sure Terry McAuliffe was NOT elected for a second term last year. Not to mention Glenn Youngkin was pretty damn spectacular so getting behind the young CEO made all the sense in the world. And seeing a tweet like this one from Terry about the possible Roe ruling I’m even PROUDER that we kept this guy from continuing down Coonman Northam’s path of destruction for Virginia.

It’s no accident that Terry tagged Glenn’s old account, he deliberately avoided calling him Governor.

C’mon, the guy is incredibly petty, it’s who he is.

And you know it just burns his backside to have to refer to Youngkin as GOVERNOR.

Me too.

Every damn day.

Yeah, these people have zero place lecturing anyone about choice ever again.

So glad.



Move on.


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