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'RAGING impeachment addiction': Jonathan Turley RAINS all over the Left's 'impeach Justice Thomas' parade in short but BRUTAL thread

We live in a time when Hunter Biden’s laptop with emails selling access to his father (then the vice president) is not a big deal but texts from the wife of a SCOTUS Justice are reason enough for Lefties to call for the impeachment of Clarence Thomas. Yeah yeah, no one ever said the Left was consistent in their outrage or thinking … in fact, the only thing they really seem to be consistent about is calling for the impeachment of any govt. official they get angry with.


Hell, look at what they did to Trump.

Jonathan Turley took the entire group and their line of thinking around Thomas apart in a short thread:

Impeachment mantra.

Raging impeachment addiction. That sounds a little bit like a really nasty STD.

Right? ‘Have a raging case of impeachment addiction? Try this new cream or ointment …’

If only there was some sort of cream or ointment that could actually ‘fix’ some of the stupid on the Left, but we digress.

What it really shows is the Left doesn’t care about right or wrong, constitutional versus unconstitutional … they just want revenge.


Don’t call her MA’AM. Remember that?


Democrats so abused their impeachment powers while they were the majority (Rashida Tlaib babbling about impeaching the Mother F*cker, Nadler bragging about impeaching Trump the day after they took the majority, etc.), this fundamental ‘tool’ of our republic has become a joke.

Dammit, this is why we can’t have nice things!

Sort of like how they call anyone who disagrees with them racists, fascists, insurrectionists.

They’re at least consistent in their idiocy, right?

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