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Dana Loesch SKEWERS Obama for saying rape of a freshman girl in LCPS bathroom was 'trumped up fake outrage' while stumping for McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe brought in a bunch of people to stump for him in the last couple of weeks … candidates who are confident in their campaigns don’t have to do that.


And to bring in Obama?


Time wasted?

Did he just call the not one but TWO rapes in Loudoun County schools of two different freshman girls by the same boy in a skirt using the girls’ bathroom ‘trumped-up outrage’?

Draaaaaag him, Dana.

We suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised considering Democrats only seem to care about kids when they can use them for political gain.

And right now they are sucking wind because of the abhorrent job Northam and Virginia Democrats did with education over the past two years.

He would have at least had the IRS target the superintendent or something.


Obama would first have to understand what shame is.

He definitely hasn’t gotten any better.

Annnd that sums him up nicely.




Christina Pushaw DROPS Democrat who wants to CENSOR Spanish-Language radio so Democrats can go back to taking Hispanic vote for GRANTED

DIRECTLY in our veins! Virginia Heffernan gets SUPER pissed at Jack Dorsey for being too honest about the REALITY of hyperinflation and LOL

Kick-a*s thread takes NYT editor’s ridiculous piece trashing Republicans for resisting taxation APART argument-by-argument

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