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Batsh*t CRAZY strikes AGAIN! Rebekah Jones offering money for someone to doxx ‘GOP operative’ at Twitter keeping her suspended

Maybe social media just isn’t for Rebekah Jones. You know?

This is getting nutty.

Imagine thinking there is some sort of GOP operative working at Twitter keeping her and her campaign off their platform. Many a conservative can’t even get verified on Twitter, what makes her think they’d ever let one WORK THERE?


You know what, we’re done trying to figure her out.

We’ll let ‘Max’ do it in a thread:

We like how ‘he’ calls her a dashboard designer since she and so many of her supporters pretend she’s some sort of scientist.



Can you guys even IMAGINE what sort of GOP operative could stand working at Twitter? Does she really think they would ever employ someone opposed to her agenda? Especially since she wants to take down DeSantis who we know they all hate? No.

This is just silly.

And a way to pretend she isn’t responsible for getting herself permanently suspended.

Not to mention, it will make her look even more appealing to her supporters because she can claim the GOP is so afraid of her they’re working with Twitter to keep her SILENCED.



That says a LOT about our media, and ain’t none of it any good.



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HA! Drew Holden’s thread of brain-dead media and Lefties EMBARRASSING themselves over Rolling Stone’s fake ivermectin article a DOOZY

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