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Honey, YOU own this! Blue-check who thought Biden taking his jacket off was SEXY now blaming Trump for making her vote for Sleepy Joe

Imagine blaming Trump because you were dumb enough to vote for Biden. Holy cow.

Hey, we joked about these troglodytes blaming Trump for everything but THIS is beyond parody.


Beyond even a Twitchy joke.

Look at this nonsense:


Because you know, low gas prices, safe borders, brokered peace in the Middle East, low med prices, and history-breaking job growth for minorities were so OPPRESSIVE. They had to vote for the old puppet who has spent trillions in a matter of months, raised record-breaking inflation, ignored a border crisis, and has failed to prevent another COVID spike throughout the country. Not to mention that whole mess in Kabul and the 13 marines who were murdered on his watch.

All Trump’s fault!

Narrator: They learned nothing.


A bologna sandwich that’s sat out in the August sun for a week would be far better than Biden.

Ain’t THAT the truth?


How’s that working out for any of us?



WTAF?! Tweet Twitter suspended Alex Berenson over should worry any and every person DARING to question the government on COVID

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