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One more quarter in the nut-punching machine! Rep. Eric Swalwell tries picking another fight with Richard Grenell over Kamala Harris and yeah ... no

If you were looking for a tweet that shows you how absolutely out of touch Democrats are with everyday Americans, look no further than Kamala Harris’ lame tweet about Memorial Day and ‘enjoying the long weekend.’



We get it, Democrats aren’t exactly known for honoring our military in any way, shape or form these days, but this was just … bad.

So bad.




Sort of sums Kammy up, don’t ya’ think?

Richard Grenell noticed our good, dear, thoughtful friends in the media didn’t bother to say a word about her tweet:

And for some reason, Eric Swalwell decided to white knight for the VP.

Not sure what he was thinking here because A) he’s referencing a story long long long-debunked, B) this reads like he’s attacking little people and C) he had to know Ric would just clean his clock. Dude has issues.





He falls for these things because, like many Democrats, he’s an empty-headed bobble-noggin who lives his entire life and bases his beliefs on catchy bumper sticker slogans and perpetuating hatred for people who think differently from him. It was perfectly fine for people to question Kamala over her seemingly disrespectful Memorial Day tweet (people who were angry about it are not dipsh*ts, sorry pal), so really there was no reason for Eric to play the ‘but Trump’ card, especially when he didn’t realize the story he picked was WRONG.

And yet here we are.

What an embarrassment, California. Seriously.

It burns.


Ahem, this is an insult to boxes of rocks EVERYWHERE.


Between being accused of banging Chinese spies, farting on national television, and pushing fake news … what a shining star for the Democrats.


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