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'No comment needed': Dr. David Samadi shares simple graph DEBUNKING Fauci's FAVORITE COVID mitigation

Gosh, it’s almost like COVID got worse under a mask mandate. We’re SHOCKED.

Ok, so we’re not shocked at all.

Sen. Rand Paul was spot on when he called all of this nonsense ‘political theatre’ right to Fauci’s goofy face.


Look at this graph.

Mask compliance … cases go up.

Less mask compliance … cases go down.

So covering half your face doesn’t work because a virus is gonna virus?!

If only someone had told us!

*eye roll*


Yeah, we miss seeing sane doctors interviewed. Granted, Samadi was never willing to sell the fear like Fauci so we’re not surprised we’re not seeing him anymore – luckily he still tweets and we can still write about him.

So can we listen to the science now?!



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