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'Biden lied about taking care of the American people'! #BidenLied trends when LEFTIES start calling him out and it's GLORIOUS

Usually, when we open Twitter on a Sunday morning the trends are all about something the ‘bad orange man’ did (even after the election), and while there is of course a story (being pushed by Twitter) about attorneys leaving Trump’s team, the number one trend is about Biden.


The trend is #BidenLied.

Now, we assumed it was driven by a majority of Conservatives, especially after seeing this weak-a*s attempt by Billy Baldwin to try and hijack the thread:

But nope.

The people driving the trend, the people making it trend, are those who believed Joe when he promised them IF they voted for Democrats in Georgia $2000 checks would go out the door IMMEDIATELY. Not a month later, not a week later, not even a day later.


And gosh golly gee, Biden lied.

About a whole bunch of stuff but this one is the biggie:


Yeah, bruh.


Buyer’s remorse?

Allow us to remind all of these people that it was Trump who wanted $2K checks to go out.

Good times.

Tweets don’t lie.

But Biden does.

Mmmm … cookies.

They seem surprised.



Only ten days in, this ain’t good, Team Biden.



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