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Are you HIGH?! Glenn Kessler fact-checked into OBLIVION for squeeing over honest Jen Psaki and 'reality-grounded press briefings'

When media types like Glenn Kessler are falling all over themselves to praise any president’s communications team and press briefings it’s never a good sign. We suppose spending four years getting worked over by various Trump press secretaries who didn’t take any of their crap and exposed them for the water-carrying harpies they really are for the Democrats was starting to wear on them but this is just embarrassing.


Now they can go back to being overpaid stenographers. YAY!

Look how excited Glenn Kessler is, lol:

We’re shocked there aren’t a bunch of heart emojis in Glenn’s tweet.

Seems he, like others in the pandering press pool, has a short memory. Remember that one time Jen got caught in a big ol’ lie and had to admit it?

‘Cuz we do.


But she promises to rebuild trust and stuff.

Our job here is done.


Whoohoo! We can’t wait to hear stories about Biden’s favorite color for four years.

Not enough therapy in this world.

For any of these media types.


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