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'Cry more!' Jen Psaki trying to play the 'remember when Obama' game with Trump's followers not going to Biden BACKFIRES

As Joe Biden’s inauguration gets closer, his team is preparing his social media so he can reach his BAZILLIONITY followers and supporters. There is just one problem.



They’re complaining and with good reason.

Last we checked, Biden didn’t even have a million followers yet. How can a man who somehow got the most votes in HISTORY not have the most Twitter followers in history as well? *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Jen Psaki is all sorts of snarky about it.

There’s just one problem here, Jen.

Twitter suspended Trump.

And thousands of his followers, sooooo cry us a river.


Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy here, Jen.

Just wait until the exposé on Biden’s favorite dessert.

Important stuff there.




REEE! Alexandra DeSanctis breaks out ALL the eye-rolls in thread mocking progs screeching over Ben Shapiro writing for Politico

Might wanna rethink this? Blue-check outlet calls for women to wear pearls on Jan 20 to honor Kamala Harris and OMG-LOL

Thoughts and PRAYERS! Twitter and Facebook’s combined market value tanks BIGLY since banning Trump and 1000s of his supporters

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