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'Not sustainable. Not for anyone.' Every elected official pushing COVID lockdowns should be FORCED to read this heartbreaking thread

We’re not sure how many more stories elected officials like Northam, Whitmer, Newsom, Murphy, Inslee, Gordon, Cooper, Hogan and any other elected official placing draconian restrictions on their people need to hear before they figure out their solution is worse than the problem … but we’ll keep sharing and sending them.


Like this thread from Krista M. Oliver about her cousin, Joe Metzger, who passed away.

Take a look.

Lockdowns are more dangerous than the damn virus.

He went from homeless to running three restaurants.

The American dream, right there.


Keep going.

Sadly, Joe is not alone in this … it’s happening all across the country.


Prayers up.






We don’t usually share tweets with a GoFundMe but this editor thought this story was just a little different.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe’s family.



BUSTED! WaPo caught BLATANTLY trying to ‘update’ story where they trashed Trump and his vaccine timeline (Byron York has the receipts)

So much BOOM! Richard Grenell DROPS Sam Stein for trying to hide his bias behind obnoxious virtue-signaling over COVID deaths

‘Let me tell you, AVOID HER!’ DOCTOR Jill Biden’s professor ratings are not great, like at all (straight from the students!)

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