We know you’ve all seen it, the magical ‘pivot’ in the mainstream media from being on the ‘orange man bad’ attack 24/7 to going on the ‘stop picking on Sleepy Joe’ defensive 24/7. Gosh golly gee, whatever changed?


And they wonder why none of us take them the least bit seriously.

Sam, really dude? You know, it’s possible to be concerned about more than one thing at a time. WE KNOW, you’ve spent the last four years with your head up Trump’s backside trying to find any and every way to make him look like a bad person and president but most of us aren’t that limited.

What he said.

Richard Grenell broke out the puppets and crayons to ‘explain’ to Sam why people are angry about the curse insult.

Ding ding ding.

Mainstream media is nothing more than a big ol’ Democratic circle-jerk.

Can we say that? Well, we hope so because we just did.


It has gone way beyond simple ‘bias.’

Ask a question …

Same thing with China and Russia. Anytime a Republican brings up Hunter and Joe Biden’s connection to China the media comes out with a new story about Russia. Even today they’re claiming Russia is hacking the country.

It never ends.



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