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Umm ... holy s**t?! Blue-check progressive’s thread accusing Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment incredibly sad and so VERY damning

As we say in the Twitchy biz … HOLY CHIT.

This thread from Lindsey Boylan, a former NY economic development deputy secretary and a PROGRESSIVE about being sexually harassed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pretty damn damning.


Take a look for yourself:

Who would ever want a job like that again?

Keep going.


That works.

Here comes the important part.

After watching Cuomo for the past year this does not sound out of character for him at all.



They stood by and watched it happen.

Again, watching how Cuomo treats those around him, her tweet doesn’t surprise us.

Cuomo LOVES to abuse his power.


Sure Democrats, keep giving Cuomo awards. The Ted Kennedy one really works.

Sure Ben Stiller, tell us how much you like your governor.

Shows us all who you really are.



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