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'Enjoy your fundraiser.' Ben Stiller SNAPS at Janice Dean for calling him out over Cuomo's fundraiser during lockdown (he deleted and apologized)

Even a complete moron would know how bad holding a fundraiser for himself during a huge lockdown that he imposed looks.


Then again, complete morons like Andrew Cuomo keep winning awards for being complete morons when handling COVID so maybe not.


This is one of those, ‘What the Hell is he even thinking,’ things.

Janice Dean laid it out perfectly:

Virtual or not, that people can spend upwards of 10k just to attend this thing while millions of Americans are in danger of losing their homes is a horrible look. And this is why Janice called the ‘special guests’ out.

Seems Ben Stiller did not appreciate the barb since he snapped at her:

Pretty sure she’s not the one being divisive, Ben. Notice we had to grab a screenshot because he deleted his tweet after Janice dropped a whole lot of truth on his out-of-touch, pointy, elitist head.

Take a look:



Enjoy your fundraiser.

Ben responded:

He’s not into coming down on people but he did anyway.


Janice is a class act.


Maybe Ben should think before he tweets because most people who are angry about these lockdowns HAVE been personally affected in one way or another.

Just sayin’.

But to be fair, this is more than we’ve seen from many blue checks who seem to be ok with the rest of America getting shut down. Not like losing a paycheck will hurt Ben … no wonder he’s such a big fan of Cuomo.




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