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‘CRIME of the CENTURY’: Powerful receipt-filled thread on ‘lockdown victims’ proves government is FAR deadlier than any virus

Any elected official pushing a lockdown needs to read this thread. NOW.

Looking at you, Coonman, GRETCH, Gavin, Cuomo, Murphy … all of you shutting down businesses, allowing public education to shut down, and punishing your people for just trying to LIVE their lives as a free people.


You are the real danger.

This receipt-filled thread from Michael Senger spells it all it in the most depressing and terrifying way:

This is long but worth the read.

Trust us.

OVER 60% closed permanently.

97k businesses lost.

This is the REAL systemic racism, folks.

All we can do is shake our heads.



But you know, the virus was deadly for less than 1% of the population and stuff.

When you look at these stats the virus doesn’t seem as scary as the solution.


100k Americans murdered this year by their own government.


No words.

Lock the abused down with their abusers to protect them from a virus that hasn’t proven dangerous to them … sounds legit.




No words.

But you know, COVID or something.


These are not faceless, nameless victims.



If this doesn’t all break your heart nothing will.



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