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'Missed it by THAT much!' Andrew Yang gets WAY more than he asks for with question about what REALLY helps small businesses

We get what Andrew Yang was trying to do here, he was trying to push the notion that the government should give us all a bunch of free money because you know, money grows on trees and stuff. But it didn’t exactly work out the way he thought it would:


You know what really helps businesses, Andrew? The government NOT placing draconian and overreaching restrictions on them to somehow battle a virus. Customers with money don’t matter when the doors are closed … derp.

Or you know, leaving them alone entirely so their doors can remain open.

Just spitballin’ here.

Missed it by JUST this much.

Fair question.

Buying friends is really not a good look.



Now now, open AND not vandalized, looted, and/or burned down by ‘peaceful protesters’?

That may be asking too much.



Now, THAT’S unhinged! Oregon teacher loses her ever-loving mind on anti-lockdown protesters annnd OMG-LOL (watch)

‘I wonder WHY? ;)’ Sharyl Attkisson OWNS Media Matters TOOLS with receipt-filled thread for trying to distract from her DOJ lawsuit

‘You spoiled rotten BRAT’: Candace Owens knocks AOC OUT with some brutal truth about what it REALLY means to ‘work hard’

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