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Dude, put the Twitter DOWN: Kurt Eichenwald steps in it AGAIN, this time with a thread attempting to scold Libertarians over COVID

When Kurt Eichenwald isn’t comparing the Right to Nazis he busies himself writing hate-filled threads about people who disagree with the lockdown actions and draconian restrictions big government has been putting in place to ‘protect’ us from COVID.


He was on quite a roll yesterday.

Going after the folks at Reason … really?

If anyone knows about intellectual bankruptcy it’s Kurt:



He really is just unbearable, right?

Wanting your rights makes you selfish.


Blah blah blah blah. Does he really think he’s convincing anyone outside of his little tentacle bubble?


Swaggering cowards.


Well, one thing’s for certain, Kurt is pro-tentacles.

Just sayin’.



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