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Keeps going and going: AOC's continued whining about Repubs not knowing HOW HARD she's worked just a hot mess of HILARITY

AOC thinks Republicans like to make fun of the fact that she used to be a waitress.




We thought she was a bartender?

Anyway, she was having quite the pity-party on Twitter last night:


Yup, AOC is STILL mad that people mocked her grift.

Because you know, Republicans have never worked hard.

Does she even read the crap she writes?

Looking at her timeline we’re not so sure she does.


If anyone knows how to make things worse for herself it’s AOC.


Not sensing a ton of sympathy for AOC and all of her working and slaving.


Harsh but true.


Right? If only they knew how hard it was to be a bartender.

‘Nuff said.



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