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'Help isn't coming. WE are the help.' EPIC sign on front door of LA County restaurant about lockdowns will make you FIST-PUMP

This right here, this is what it’s going to take. Americans allowed governors to enact far too many draconian, overreaching, and unconstitutional measures to ‘save’ us from a virus and at this point, if we ever want to get our freedoms back we’re going to have to take them.


Waiting for Newsom, Gretch, Cuomo, Coonman, and others to ‘grant’ our freedoms is a waste of time because they’ll just keep moving the goalposts and finding reasons to keep us locked down and limited.

Reading this sign from a restaurant owner in LA County made our day, true story:

Help isn’t coming.

WE are the help.


Sad, right?

What she said.


Definitely need MORE of this.

We do too.

It’s up to US.

Let’s roll.



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