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'You're an activist': Richard Grenell lights up CNN's Bianna Golodryga for 'cheerleading Democrats' in heated back and forth

Awww, good to see our friendly firefighters back in their normal habitat, cheering on everything the Democrats do. It must have been such a grueling last four years having to b*tch and moan about Trump 24/7 … wonder how quickly they’re going to realize how much they’re going to lose now that they don’t have Trump-hate fueling their readership.


Like this from CNN’s Bianna Golodryga:

WHOOHOO! Back to establishment politics!


So ridiculous that it garnered Richard Grenell’s attention:

Just get her some pom-poms already and be done with it.

She fired back.

He’s a troll because she doesn’t like being called out for cheerleading.

Too bad.

Richard ended it:

The guy has a point, just sayin’.



Absolutely true.

Trump truly woke Americans up to the bias that is truly ingrained in traditional media.

And none of us are going back to sleep.



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