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'You are all a bunch of f**king FOOLS': BLM-Antifa group crashes Biden celebration party outside the White House (watch)

For all of the partying and rejoicing going on in the streets (COVID, what COVID?), it seems like two very outspoken groups who one would think would be happy about a possible President Biden were total party poopers outside of the White House last night.



Have fun with that whole BLM thing, Biden.

Guess they’re not buying his message of healing and unity either. Maybe they know Biden’s record of authoring racist crime bills and Harris’ history of keeping young black men in prison for cheap labor. Just spitballin’.

This is gonna be fun.



Does this mean we can start putting #Resist in our bios now?

Not even that.



They’ve always been Bernie supporters … but it’s going to be fun watching them divide this newly ‘tolerant’ and reinvigorated-by-an-old-rich-white-man party.


Democrats are gonna Democrat.



‘Scratch a socialist, find a fascist’: AOC threatening to archive the tweets, writings, pics of ‘Trump sycophants’ does NOT go well for her, like at all

BOOM goes the dynamite! Dan Bongino reminds gloating Democrats just how much they actually LOST and it’s PRICELESS

DIRECTLY into our veins! Exjon drops a very smug Jennifer Rubin for posting pic of some seriously CHEAP champagne and LOL

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