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'Just absolutely insane' --> If this thread doesn't 'make ya' go hmmm' about Biden's projected win NOTHING will

We’re not saying Biden cheated.

It would be unethical for us to outright say that.

Sort of like it was unethical for the traditional media to call the race for Biden before all of the ‘irregularities’ during the election were accounted for, explained, and/or remedied.


But as we’ve pointed out for years, we’re not the traditional media.

This thread is definitely worth a gander.


Excuse us, we were told there would be no math.

Yes, this thread is long but keep reading.


Told you.

Grab some popcorn, keep going.



No wonder they want him to concede so badly.



Thank goodness.

202% voter turnout in Milwaukee? Huh?


Now … could all of this just be another thread on Twitter that means absolutely nothing?


But boy howdy, it really makes you think.



‘You are all a bunch of f**king FOOLS’: BLM-Antifa group crashes Biden party outside the White House (watch)

‘Scratch a socialist, find a fascist’: AOC threatening to archive the tweets, writings, pics of ‘Trump sycophants’ does NOT go well for her, like at all

BOOM goes the dynamite! Dan Bongino reminds gloating Democrats just how much they actually LOST and it’s PRICELESS

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