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BOOOM --> RedState CRUSHES The Lincoln Project for claiming they can 'resurrect the GOP' and Michael Steele just can't DEAL

RedState blistered The Lincoln Project for claiming they can resurrect the Republican Party.

Because that’s exactly what the Right wants, a bunch of a-hole elitist douche-nozzles who spent the last four years trying to empower Democrats as a means to punish Trump. Seriously. What a gaggle of losers, as this piece so perfectly points out:


From RedState:

But this interview raises another important question: Why the hell do members of the Lincoln Project think they have a place in rebuilding any part of the Republican Party? It was the ineptitude of the people involved with this organization that made Trump necessary in the first place. If Trump hadn’t managed to expose and unseat these feckless establishmentarians, it would definitely be in need of resurrection in 2020.

Could you imagine people like Rick Wilson crafting a messaging strategy that would have gotten a Republican president increased black and Latino support? Would they have pushed a candidate that would have brought troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq? Or would they continue to push for more of the same incompetence?

The Lincoln Project losers made their choice. They wanted to side with the Democrats, who ironically enough, are rejecting them. At this point, these people won’t have any place in any significant conservative movement because they decided to let their petty squabbles with Trump push them to aid the left. They made this bed, now they will have to lie in it.

Guess Michael Steele didn’t appreciate the brutal honesty in this piece from our sister site.

Someone wanna get him a tissue?


We hate to break it to Michael, but Republicans won BIGLY, even in places where they openly tried to hurt them.



Yeah, that’s a big ‘no thanks’ from us as well.



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