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Show us on the map where the founders HURT you: Vox tries explaining how the Electoral College works and ... yeah no

Vox tried to explain the Electoral College.

We think?

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh. We did.

A lot.

Honestly, since it’s Vox it’s hard to tell what their intentions really were here but the whole thing just comes off as a huge mess because … well, it’s Vox.


From Vox:

But he still has a somewhat better shot of winning anyway, the same way he did last time: through the magic of the Electoral College.

The presidential election isn’t decided by the number of votes you get overall. It’s decided by whether you get more votes in the right states. Whichever candidate ends up winning contests that add up to 270 electoral votes is the winner.

In other words, it doesn’t necessarily matter that polls show Biden ahead by nearly 9 percentage points nationally. What matters is the exact breakdown of the votes in key politically divided states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Is it just us or does it sound like Vox really doesn’t like the system our founding fathers put in place to protect the minority from majority rule? And the EC isn’t magic, it’s the law.



That works.

Because this is what our good, tolerant friends on the Left do.

Attack the system so if and when they lose they can say the game was rigged from the get-go.



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