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Here's another 'fun little item' by the reporter who did the Dave Portnoy...

'Nice try JACKA*S': Media's last-ditch effort using nameless 'person with knowledge of Trump campaign' to cast doubt on PA BACKFIRES

You’d think by now the media would have figured out that people just don’t buy it when they use nameless, faceless sources to push a story. Especially about a state that many believe the election hinges on DURING the actual vote.


Did they really think anyone other than Biden supporters would take these claims seriously?

C’mon man!

A person.

We have no idea who they are or if they actually do have direct knowledge of the Trump campaign but you know, this is a big story or something.

Media is gonna media.

We know.

But this is ri-damn-diculous.


The media need to keep this close.

They need to keep people watching and waiting.

Keep all of that in mind.



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