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'Biden is a corpse with hair plugs', 'Witch-hunting SCUM': Anti-Trumper Matt Taibbi spits straight FIRE about Biden and Dems and DAAAMN

Preaching the TRUTH about Biden … ouch.

And let’s be honest, Matt Taibbi is obviously not a fan of Trump’s either.

This though, damn son.


He calls it ‘The Worst Choice Ever,’ so clearly he’s not playing favorites with Trump. He’s just being painfully honest about Joe Biden.

And when we say painfully honest we mean PAINFULLY honest.

Look at this:


C’mon man!

Sane voices are indeed all too rare these days.

Dude, we felt that over HERE.

They’re REALLY trying to play the ‘decency’ card, right? Anyone though who has been paying any sort of attention over the past 50 years knows better.

Yes, that’s how long Sleepy Joe has been involved in politics.



Look, fat!



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