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Nice TRY, jacka*s! Obama tries pushing lie that Trump tax cuts only helped BILLIONAIRES, trips over New York Times story

We knew the moment Obama started on the campaign trail the lies would flow but man oh man, his nonsense about taxes has been off the charts. First he claimed he was proud to pay 40 cents of every dollar he makes in taxes (which was a lie), and now he’s claiming Trump’s tax cuts only helped billionaires.

Even the New York Times admitted 80% of Americans benefitted from those cuts, Obama.

C’mon, man!

The man has been out of office for nearly four years and this editor still cringes at the sound of his voice.

And oops.

Right? Didn’t Obama try and take credit for Trump’s economy?

They still work on the same vapid people they worked on for eight years.

Not so much for the rest of us.

Obama … Obama who?



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