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'You got him THIS time!' CNN's Chris Cillizza falls all over himself fact-checking Trump on how fast he reads ... no really


CNN’s Chris Cillizza has determined that there is no way Trump could read AN ENTIRE BOOK on his flight! OMG, STOP THE PRESSES.

Eventually, you’d think these poor souls would figure out they’re just consistently stepping on their own d*cks but nope.


Here we are:

Chris. Dude. C’mon, surely you have something else to write about … like peace in the Middle East?

From CNN:

Trump: “Well, because I assumed he was a little bit fair. I didn’t do it previously, he only writes bad books. And I actually got to read it last night, I read it very quickly and it was very boring. But there was not much in that book. … That’s a boring book.”

OK, so Trump read the entire book on his flight from Arizona to DC? (He spent all night after his Arizona event on the plane, arriving back at the White House shortly before midnight.) That claim virtually screams for a closer look.

No, no it really doesn’t.

Which is very fast! The average reader (someone who reads 300 words per minute) takes about 1.7 minutes to read a book page, while a fast reader (450 words per minute) just over 1 minute.

In order then for Trump to have actually read the whole book, he would need to have read more than twice as fast as a fast reader, consuming 900 words or more every minute.

And when I say every minute, I mean every minute. As in, all 210 minutes it took him to fly from Arizona to DC. No staring out the window for five minutes. No naps. No checking his phone. No tweeting. (According to his timeline, Trump or his staff sent 12 tweets or retweets while on the flight back to DC.) No nothing — except reading 900 words a minute.


Imagine having this much time to write this much nonsense on a day when there is literally a huge peace treaty being signed.

And they wonder why so many of us make fun of them.

Right? This is some seriously hard-hitting stuff.


It is in his sad little mind.



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