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Monday Morning Meme Madness

'Pitiful performance': Brit Hume just absolutely drags TF out of the media for joke of a Biden presser (especially Ed O'Keefe)

Brit Hume was about as impressed with Biden’s presser today as we were.

What an absolute clown show. We’re shocked those lapdogs didn’t ask him what his favorite color is and if he is looking forward to his tapioca for dessert tonight. And they have the nerve to complain about the way Trump treats them? Shameful.


Trust us, you’ll read these tweets in Brit’s voice, and that makes it even BETTER.

Why doesn’t Trump make you angrier, Joe?

Isn’t Trump a big ol’ poopy head?

Joe, tell us more about Corn Pop and your shiny leg hair. WE LOVE YOU JOE.


It was like his campaign staff asking him questions.



Psh, this editor’s dog could take him.

Gotta love those softballs, eh Joe?



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