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STOOGE: Adam Schiff's 2018 memo defending the FBI and Chris Steele (and his dossier) comes back to BITE him in the a*s

So when do they get around to investigating Adam Schiff?

Asking for a friend.

This is just infuriating:


The FBI knew it was garbage.

Schiff had to know it was garbage.

And yet he doubled down.

Or he didn’t think things would go the way they did and he’d get away with being a lying, conniving, corrupt POS.

Just spitballin’.

Fair point. Except Durham has had one guilty plea already in his probe into the investigation so maybe there’s hope?


Apologies to any stooges this offends.

We’ll see.


These sorts of things never really do.

Oooh, that’s right.

The Post Office.

What a silly, ridiculous time to be alive.



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