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Your daily dose of Rick making a jacka*s of himself --> Rick Wilson celebrates Tulsi Gabbard losing primary she didn't actually run in

Miserable hack says WHAT?

Celebrating Tulsi Gabbard losing the primary.


Except Tulsi wasn’t running for reelection, Rick.

From the Washington Post (waaaay back in 2019):

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) announced early Friday on Twitter that she won’t run for reelection to Congress as she continues her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Gabbard faced a Democratic primary challenge from Hawaii state Sen. Kai Kahele, who has lashed out at her for missing votes while on the presidential campaign trail.

“Throughout my life, the thought of a ‘political career’ never crossed my mind. I’ve always done my best to serve where I felt I could make the most impact,” Gabbard said in a video. “It’s this principle of service above self that has motivated the decisions I’ve made throughout my life.”

Never Trump is gonna never Trump.

We get it, Trump nuked Democrats yesterday with his COVID relief orders but c’mon, man.

Get it together.


Looking through the responses to Rick’s tweet, we’re starting to understand why he has chosen to pander to the Left. Talk about an uninformed pack of hyenas.


Russia Russia Russia.


They are obsessed with DWTS.

Right? Because she wasn’t running in the first place.


These people.


Just awful.

And Rick fits right in.

Now, some are claiming that she is gone in general and that he was simply making that point BUUUUUT that seems a stretch considering he said ‘goodbye’ to her after a primary she didn’t even run in. Plus the people responding to him the way they are prove they think she lost the primary because karma or some other nonsense.

But hey, it’s Twitter, we suppose anything is possible. *eye roll*



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