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Trump WINS: Thread explains why everything Trump did with COVID relief orders is legal and sorry, NOT SORRY, Democrats

Imagine suing Trump for literally taking care of Americans … not a great look, Democrats.

And while many are questioning whether or not what Trump did is legal or constitutional, this thread lays out a pretty decent case for why everything he did will stand.


We’re reminded of the time Harry Reid nuked the filibuster. Democrats (and wannabe Democrats like John Kasich) never think beyond the time when they have power. They literally made it possible for Trump to politically decimate Democrats yesterday.

Which makes it even more delicious.

Keep going.

And gosh, it’s a federal disaster right now, yes?

Those inconvenient laws and stuff.



Trump wins.

And from Nancy Pelosi’s reaction, you can see she knows it as well as we do.

Who knew? Bubba did something right.




‘You just got TRUMPED!’ Nancy Pelosi’s 1st tweets after Trump straight-up nuked Democrats with COVID relief EOs are DELICIOUS

‘Dear God, I hope this isn’t true’: Rumor mill says Biden has chosen his VP

Train-wreck ALERT: Alyssa Milano went on with Chris Cuomo to double DOWN on her COVID drama, blame Trump (watch

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