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NY AG Letitia James' thread explaining why she's filed suit to dissolve the NRA BACKFIRES spectacularly (as will her suit)

We’re still waiting for New York’s Attorney General Letitia James to look into Governor Cuomo’s disastrous COVID policy that resulted in thousands and thousands of dead senior citizens – apparently, she is far too busy trying to take the National Rifle Association down.


Because that’s not insane to try right before an election.

Hey, if she wants to rile up Trump’s base even more who are we to stop her?

She tweeted a thread explaining the suit and why she filed it:

Fraud and abuse.

Always after the NRA. How boring.

Now do Planned Parenthood.

Keep going.


Again, if she’s looking for a breeding ground for greed and abuse she really should check out Planned Parenthood.

Or any number of teacher’s unions and associations.

Just not Governor Cuomo.




Not smart.

Good one.


Not counting on it.



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